Elite Skills Academy - Lilydale - Edinburgh College


When: Group 1(Top U16 & older) 5:15-6:45pm | Group 2(U16/14) 6:15-7:45 | Group 3(U16/U14/U12) 6:45-8:15
Dates: Week of May 9 –> June 27 (8 Straight Thursday nights)
Location: (Lilydale) Edinburgh College
Cost: $415

Next level system

  • SKILLS: Advanced Fundamentals.
    Ball handling, footwork, shot creation.
  • DRILLS: Game Situations.
    Pick and rolls, Pin downs, Pinch Post, Wing/Corner/Elbow.
  • APPLICATIONS: Live Action.
    Making reads, Basketball IQ, Applying skills and drills.

What to expect

An intense 90 minutes of exercises designed to develop a player’s offensive arsenal.

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Academy - Lilydale